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Address: Hotel MARUB, Katund i Vjeter, Rubik ,Albania                                Tel: +355 68 2077424     E-mail: info@hotelmarub.com



The eco-hotel is in a picturesque natural landscape without noise, pollution and smog, in the district of Mirdita only 70 km from the capital,Tirana. A place with special atmosphere. The aim of the hotel's nature is to preserve and improve the environment and living conditions in the hill village. The hotel, close to the rugged beauty of Rubik, is family owned and offers a warm, intimate atmosphere. Loving service and amenities, tranquility, untouched nature, best kitchen, recreation activities on offer and more are the prerequisites for a rejuvenating holiday. Protected by mountains from the north, the hotel is in an ideally suited location, even in cold, wet autumn and winter months, it provides a health-stimulating environment. Away from the bustle and smog of Tirana, this wooded valley called Katund i Vjeter, offers a stress free, allergy free atmosphere. The peaceful surroundings of the hotel and the interesting walks are guarantors of a sustainable recovery, also for people who are tired and stressed.

1. Environmental protection
* Careful use of water
* Water-saving showers
* Guidelines for electricity and water conservation
* Towels and sheets are changed every three days or on request.
* Environmental Protective measures are in several languages at the Hotel
* Guests are encouraged to make their contribution to saving water and electricity.
* Smoking indoors is not allowed
* No use of aggressive chemical cleaners
* Recycling of all kitchen waste (manure)
* Chemical-free facility maintained around the hotel
* Colors with little solvent
* Packaging should be avoided if possible
2. Sport and wellness
* Walking, hiking, trekking
* Upon request, campfires and sunrise hike
3. Benefits for cultural preservation
* The hotel invites musicians and folk dancers from the region.
* House-made products are sold.
* Fences made of local federal fence
* The hotel was founded to provide a livelihood of the local population and establish a pilot project for a sustainable tourism.
4. Eco-Architecture
* High quality insulation
* Wooden floors in the rooms
* Solar panels on the roof
* Energy from wooden pellet stoves
* Toilet flushing with up to 40% less water consumption
5. Cuisine and service
* There are beverages, meat,fruit, vegetables and dairy products from the environment, organic food.
* At theme days traditionally prepared meals over wood fires
* Water from mountain springs
* Eggs from free range chickens
* Herb garden
* Cheese from the village
6. Management
* Local commercial enterprises
* Jobs to 100% local employees