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Address: Hotel MARUB, Katund i Vjeter, Rubik ,Albania                                Tel: +355 68 2077424     E-mail: info@hotelmarub.com


Food and Accomodation



Recharge your energies at the culinary delights of the country Mirdita! Pure spring water from our own wells revives you! Enjoy a tasteful Albanian atmosphere, healthy eating and drinking of natural products provided by local farmers. Sources are listed on the menu. If possible, get seasonal fruits and vegetables on the plate. We donít serve food which has to come from long distances. The fresh herbs come from our own herb garden.

For parties and special occasions, we gladly put together your personal ideal menu. We advise you to do that! For special schedules, annual events, culinary weeks and culinary events, please check the website - registration is required!



Maximum of 40 people at our hotel with 16 rooms available. We assure a warm welcome and a loving-care-guarantee that you will feel comfortable with us.

All the rooms with harmonious colors contribute to a sensual and comfortable atmosphere. To meet the high standard of eco-hotels, the rooms are small, but tasteful and finely kept, to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible. All rooms offer views of the magnificent mountains, lush greenery which will relieve you from stress.

19 rooms:
2 triple rooms
6 double rooms
11 Twin rooms